The icon menu items on the top of the screen can be used to navigate the main functions of the screen.

  • Dashboards - To access the interactive GHG Dashboard, Energy Use, Water and Waste Dashboards  
  • Data Management - To add and edit emission activities and meters, as well as add emission activities and meter data.
  • Document Manager - To upload support documentation to a central repository, e.g. for Renewable Energy Certificates or building energy audit certification.
  • Analysis - To analyse and review data, sections include Data Completeness, KPI's, Energy Saving Projects, Data Audit and Energy Audit.
  • Reports - To generate and export reports. 
  • Help & Tutorials - To access help content and tutorials.
  • Logout - Logout button to leave application and change password option.
  • Settings - This section contains administration and facilities & assets section. In the admin sections users can create, edit users, change the reporting structure and manage user access privileges. In the Facilities & Assets section they can add and edit Facilities, Buildings and Assets.


Once the user has navigated to the desired screen, the data on that screen can be filtered and manipulated by using the emissions and sustainability filters along the left hand side and the top right of the screen. These filters are present on most screens that contain emissions or sustainability data. By making selections in these controls, users can search and filter the results shown on-screen until the required output is achieved.

There are six parts to the Filter Controls:

  • The Tree View - To navigate the organisational and geographical structure
  • The “Scope” Selector - To refine the scopes which are displayed/reported
  • The “Source Categories” Selector - To refine the emissions activity categories which are displayed/reported
  • The “Activity Type” Selector - To further refine the emissions activity types which are displayed/reported
  • The "Data Streams" Selector - To refine the data by the data streams
  • The “Date” Period Selector - Refine the period of time for which data is displayed/report