See steps below on how to create a new facility:

Step 1: Click on the 'Facilities & Assets' button in the settings icon in the top right of the corner.

Step 2: Once on the Facility and Assets screen, click on 'Add New Facility'.

Step 3: Input the requested information into the text boxes provided, all fields marked with N '8' are mandatory and will be required to be filled out in order to save the information.

Step 4: The user is then requested to add the first building or asset which is associated with this facility. More buildings or assets can be added later. The user can specify what organisational entity that building or asset is associated with by selecting the Parent Organisation for the building.

Step 5: Once the required data is entered, click 'Save'. You will now see that the new Building/Asset will appear under the selected organisational entity in the organisational view, and under the facility in the geographical view.

*Note: please contact  for further information.