Administrators have the ability to create, edit and delete organisational entities.

Step 1: Navigate to the Reporting Structure using the Settings menu icon on the right side of the screen, and select the 'Reporting Structure' button.

Step 2: In this screen, an Administrator can create a new organisation node, edit an existing node, or move an existing node or sub node to another location.

Step 3: Click on the node you wish to be the parent of the new node from the organisational tree-view structure on the left of the screen, and click on the 'Add new Node' button.

Step 4: Input the new node name and a brief description, if this entity is a Participant Equivalent formerly (SGU) tick the box provided and click save. A Participant Equivalent is any individual subsidiary, or group of subsidiaries, within an organisation which would meet the qualification requirement for participation in the CRC in its own right, were it not part of a larger organisation. 


Step 5: Click 'Save' when finished. You will now see the new node appear under the specified parent node. 

*Note: Within this 'Reporting Structure' screen you cannot move buildings from one node of the structure to another node. Moving buildings within the Organisation Structure is done within the 'Facilities and Assets' screen which is also housed under the 'Settings' drop-down list. Please contact if you require further support.