Step 1 : Navigate to the KPI screen by clicking on Analysis icon on the top of the screen and select “Key Performance Metrics” from the drop down menu. 

Step 2: Select the organisation (C) that the new KPI will apply to, click on the "Add New Metric"(A) button at the top. The Table (B) can be used to search for an existing KPI you wish to edit or add data to.

Step 3
: Next fill out the configuration details on screen. First, select the metric type from the drop-down. (if there is a metric type you would prefer that is not listed, please contact

Step 4: Then enter a Metric Name and Description and click the save button. 

Step 5: Then click on the data tab to add a metric record.

Step 6:
Next enter the date range that this metric applies to. For example, if a new 10,000 sq meter block was added to the building in June, set up one metric record covering until May 31st and a second metric record from June 31st with the increased floor area. Another example is staff numbers. If staff numbers change frequently, you could create a metric record for each quarter or even each month.

Step 7:
Enter the value (i.e.: the headcount or floor area number for that date period) and click save.