The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) report replaces the NFRD reporting program. The CSRD report requires higher standards for sustainability reporting, covering more areas than before, like pollution, water usage, waste management, and biodiversity. You must report qualitative and quantitative information in the report.

To create a CSRD report, you can use the Reports section to create a CSRD instant report that provides quantitative data, and you can use the Author section to create a CSRD corporate report that provides qualitative data.


You must have the CSRD module activated for your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for more information about this module.

Creating a CSRD instant report

  1. Select Reports from your toolbar and select Instant Reports.
  2. In the Select a report type dropdown, select Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
  3. In the Select a CSRD report year dropdown, select your reporting year such as CSRD 2024.
  4. In the Select a report dropdown, select the report disclosure requirement that you want metric data for.
  5. (Optional) In the Select report template dropdown, select a previously created and saved report template. For further information about report templates, go to Creating a report template.
  6. In the Select date fields, enter a date range for the report.
  7. Go to the Report Data Filters section and select an option, such as Scope or Data Streams, to view the filters.
  8. The option expands and select or clear the checkboxes to apply data filters to your report.
  9. Select Run Report and select one of the following options:
  • Display Report: Creates the report instantly within the same page. In the new window, you can export the report. For further information, go to Exporting a report. We recommend that you use this for most reports.
  • Notify Me When Ready: Creates the report in the background. If you select this, you will be sent an email when the report is ready. We recommend that you use this for more large-scale reports.
    These reports expire after 24 hours.

        10. Select Display Report or Notify Me When Ready.

        11. (Optional) Select Show My Reports to view reports created using the Notify Me When Ready option.

Creating a CSRD corporate report

  1. Select Author from your toolbar.
  2. In Diligent ESG Author, select Open.
    The Select reporting year window opens.
  3. Select the year that you want to open a report from, such as FY2024.
    The Select Report Type window opens.
  4. Select CSRD.
    The Select Report window opens.
  5. Select ESRS 2.
  6. Go to the tree view and select the section you want to view or edit.
     You can have permission to either view only or edit a section. The section will then appear on screen.

If you are an administrator, you cannot add or configure sections and configure as normal, but you can edit contributors’ content. You cannot add or configure as normal because this template has been created by Diligent ESG and is not a customizable template.

If you are a contributor, you can add text, tables, images, and other items to a section. For further information, go to Adding content to Author reports.