Users have the ability to add renewable energy contracts in the system (e.g., Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)) through the Energy Supplier Contract Module stored under the Settings icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Users can apply a zero emission factor to represent RECs for Market-based Scope 2 emissions by filling out the Supplier Energy Contract Upload Template, which is then imported by the Support Team to ensure the new emission factor will be applied to the electricity activity. The emission factor will be applied to the activity based on the contract start and end dates, and this will automatically refresh the data within those date ranges re-calculating the Scope 2 Market-based emissions. If you wish to view the new emission factor applied to data entries, you will find this information in the GHG Protocol - Audit & Verification report. For instance, you will find the new emission factor in column AD, publisher in column AE and publication title in column AF. Steps on how to run an Audit & Verification report are found in the FAQ folder of Support. 

Any supporting documents (e.g., certifications) can be housed within the Document Manager, as shown in the image below. They are then easily accessible for Audits. Please see Support article on how to use the Document Manager in the Document Manager folder.

Contact to request a Supplier Energy Contract Upload Template, or if you have any queries.