If you want to view the emission factors that are applied to data entries within the system at different sites and locations, or when audits are underway, Auditors usually want to view the emission factors applied to data entries, the emission sources, and the publication dates. You can find all this information in the Audit & Verification report within the Instant Reports section of the system.


  1. Select Reports and select Instant Reports.
  2. In the Select a report type dropdown, select Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and in the Select a report dropdown, select GHG Protocol - Audit & Verification as the report.
  3. Use the Organisation and Geographic tabs, the date filters, or the Report Data Filters section to search for a building, organization, or location to view the emission factors of.
    This is a very detailed report so it is recommended to generate the report for only the buildings, dates, or data that you want to view.
  4. Select Run Report and select Display Report or Notify Me When Ready

The report window appears. Within this report you can see emission factor information detailed including Published Emission Factors, Date Emission Factor Published, and Publication Title. You will also see activity details such as Activity ID, Activity Name, and Entry ID.

You can also download this report as an Excel, CSV, PDF, and many other file types. For further information about exporting the report, go to Exporting a report.