To add a mapping ID to an activity, first locate the activity in the GHG activity screen. 

Step 1: Navigate to the GHG Activities screen by clicking on the “Data Management” menu icon at the top of the screen and selecting GHG activities from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Browse through the list of activities on screen, using the treeview and activity selectors (indicated by A in the Figure Below), and the search filter (B) at the top of the table until the desired activity is displayed. Click Select (C) as shown below.  You will then see the activity analysis screen for that activity.

Step 3: Next select the Config button (A below) on the activity. Go to the Mapping ID section (B), and input the new mapping ID in the Mapping ID's box provided highlighted by C, click on the arrow > to add the mapping ID and click save. The mapping ID is then added to the activity and data can be upload via an excel file to the activity using this mapping ID. 

If you wish to remove a mapping ID, select arrow < highlighted by D and click Save.