A number of new features are being introduced to the reporting section of Accuvio in September 2016.

Reporting Templates: The Reporting screen will be updated to allow users to save Reporting Templates for future use. Users will have the ability to select the report type, buildings, filters, date period, and then save the selections in the form of a Report template for repeated use. The user can then select the saved template and run reports based on the previous saved filters, speeding up the reporting process. The report templates can be made private or public allowing other users to use the report templates. A name and description will be required to differentiate between each saved template.

The Reports Treeview filter: The Treeview filter on the reports screen will be updated to allow users to select/deselect buildings to specify the content of reports. Previously a user could run reports for the entire company, a business entity or an individual building by selecting the node or building. Now users can tick the box beside a building/business entity to include, excluded it from reports. This modification was added to allow users to deselect certain buildings when running reports for a business entity or a companywide report.

Reporting Modules: The reports list will be separated into the different categories of GHG (Greenhouse Gas), Energy Use, EU Energy Efficiency Directive, UK CRC (CRC Efficiency Scheme), Usage and Cost, and Corporate Social Responsibility. This will allow users to filter the report catalogue when looking for a specific type of report instead of scrolling through the full dropdown list. In addition users will no longer see reports that are not relevant or required by their company. For example the CRC Energy Efficiency UK reports will not be visible to non CRC users.

Scheduled Reporting: This new feature will allow administrator users to email reports to users and none Accuvio users automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Administrator users will have the ability to view, setup, and modify the scheduled reports.


Scheduling a report will allow users to:

  • Get the latest report data without having to run the report or login to the Accuvio system.
  • Send reports to none Accuvio users (personnel that do not have access to Accuvio), for example a monthly cost and quantity report for the Finance Department.
  • Choose the report type, content, and the frequency of the scheduled reports.
  • Email report results in PDF, Word, Excel or CSV format.

To enable the Scheduled Reporting feature contact support@accuvio.com