Interval data scanning can only be setup on half hourly/interval data meters (Electricity, Water or Gas). For all other activities select Non Interval Data. To set this up follow the below steps:

Step 1: Locate the activity you wish to assign the Activity Owners and Managers for through the GHG Activities screen and click on 'Select' to open that activity.

Step 2: Once in the activity click on 'Config' tab and click on 'Data Completeness' tab within the list of headings on the left of the Config screen.

Step 3: In the Data Completeness screen click on the arrow beside 'Interval Data - Data Completeness' and then check the box beside 'Enable Data Completeness Scanning Interval data on this Activity'. Click on 'Save'. 

The system will now scan all interval (half hourly) upload data files that are upload via the bulk or multi upload and provide the results in the Data Quality section under the analysis icon. To set up emails to alert users to the data completeness of half hourly data go to article 'How do I assign Activity Owners and Activity Managers to receive Data Completeness alerts & reminders?'.