If you are an Administrator or SiteAdministrator, you can use the data completeness feature to track and monitor data inputs for multiple activities or meters over time. The system runs a scan that checks for completeness of data across the activities or meters that you select. You can set the scan to run for a certain period and the results will show whether data is Missing, Up to Date, Overdue, or Waiting to be updated. You can update and change the test settings at any time.

Interval data activities are meter only activities that receive interval data, data every 15 to 30 mins. This test scans for missing intervals within the meter upload data sheets. You can only configure interval scanning on half hourly or interval data meters for electricity, water, or gas. 

  1. In Diligent ESG, select Data Management and select GHG Activities, Meter Manager, or Transport.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the Configure bulk activities window, select Data completeness test.
  4. Expand Interval data – Data completeness test and select the Scan interval data for incomplete data entries checkbox.
  5. Select Next.
  6. (Optional) In the Organization, Activity type, and Country dropdowns, select options for one or more dropdowns to filter the activities in the table and that you want to scan.
  7. Select Run test
  8. Select Close to complete the process. 

The system configures the data completeness settings for the selected interval activities and meters and after it is completed, you will receive an email. You can view the results in the Analysis>Data Completeness page. For further information about this page, go to Viewing and managing data completeness tests.