To search for a meter navigate to the Meter Manager screen by selecting the Data Management menu icon at the top of the screen. and select Meter Manager from the drop down menu. Once on the Meter Manager screen, use the tree view (A) to select the part of the organisation, date period (B) and Utility selectors (C) and search filter (D) to filter the list to select your meter. 

For example if you are looking for half hourly meters you can input half hour into the meter type search bar and click to filter to only half hourly meters.

Once the relevant meter is selected click on its ID and navigate to the Meter Data Analysis screen. Next select the config tab and then the UK CRC Settings tab as shown below. If the UK CRC scheme box is not ticked, tick the box and click save. If you wish this meter to not be included in the CRC, leave the box unchecked.