To navigate to the Energy Use dashboard select the first icon Dashboards on the top of the screen and select EED Dashboard from the drop down. The Energy Use dashboard contains two charts and two tables summarising the energy use in the organisation. The charts can be modified or new charts added if required. 

The first bar chart (A below) highlights the energy use trend in the organisation, providing the kilowatt-hour total for different years. This graph allows users to determine if there energy usage is increasing or decreasing from year to year. Users can view the kWh totals by hovering there mouse of the relevant bar.

The second chart is a pie chart (B below) that shows the Energy use by Source Category. Using this graph the user can see the Energy usage broken down for example percentage and kWh total for Purchased Electricity and Stationary Combustion (natural gas). The pie chart is interactive allowing the user to turn off and on the different source categories by selecting them under the chart.

Users can use the tree view, selectors (D) and date period (C) to filter the dashboard.

There are two tables at the bottom of the dashboard. One gives the kWh and percentages by location, and the other provides the kWh and percentages by source category (Purchased Electricity and Stationary Combustion (natural gas)).

On request more charts/graphs can be added.