The CRC interactive dashboard displays only CRC impacted buildings, meters and data for the chosen CRC reporting period selected allowing users to analyse their organisations consumption profile. Select the Dashboard Icon at the top of the screen and click on CRC Dashboard in the drop down menu. 

Users can use the organisational and geographical tree view to drilldown to the specific sites/buildings and can select the reporting period using the dropdown at the top of the screen. The dashboard has two charts on the left which will automatically update when a tree view node is chosen and a new reporting period is selected. The top chart displays the top energy consumers of the organisation for the chosen reporting year. The second chart shows the consumption by supply type, Electricity and Natural gas.

There is one table on the right of the CRC dashboard; this provide a summary of the organisations Electricity, Electricity Generation, and Natural Gas supplies including their consumption and CRC exclusions. Exclusions are chosen at Meter level or Meter data level by the User. Users only need to report supplies through meters which used more than 73,200kWh in the annual reporting year. The size exempt meters are automatically calculated by the system and do not need to be calculated by the user.