The Data Entry Status report allows users to track and monitor data entry tasks by activity over time. The report shows which activities/meters are Missing data, Up To Date, Pending, Overdue or Waiting. The Data Completeness screen table can also be exported into a report excel format.

Step 1: Navigate to the reports screen, by clicking on the “Reports” menu icon at the top of the screen (A below). 

Step 2: Select the organisational entity you wish to include in the report in the tree view, to create a report for the entire organisation, just select the root note as shown below (B).

Step 3: Next select the Data Entry Status report from the drop-down list (C below).


Step 4: The Date period can then be selected on the top (D) for this example the CRC reporting period 01 April 2015 - 31st March 2016 is chosen. 

Step 5: The remaining selectors on the left (E) can be used to refine what is displayed in the report for example if you wish to run a report for Electricity only, deselect Stationary Combustion in the Source Category and Activity Type selectors. If you wish to run the report for both Natural Gas and Electricity, leave the filters as they are and continue to the next step.  


Step 6: Once all desired filters are applied, click on run report within a few seconds, the required report is displayed on screen to the user. To export the report to excel, PDF or word, click on F the export button.