Once the data has been entered, documents attached and exclusions added for the CRC period 01/04/15 - 31/03/16, you are ready to submit your CRC Annual report. 


Step 1: First navigate to the reports screen, by clicking on the “Reports” menu icon (A) at the top of the screen. 


Step 2: Next select the UK CRC Annual Report - for CRC online Submission from the dropdown list (B) and select the reporting period you wish to run the report for from the second dropdown (C). Options include 2012 -13, 2013 - 14, 2014 -15 and 2015 -16  reporting years.


Step 3: Using the tree view, select the organisational entities/buildings you wish to include in the report. If it is for the whole organisation choose the top node of the organisational structure. 


Step 4: Once all desired filters are applied, click on run report (D). Within a few seconds, the required report is displayed on screen to the user.

Step 5: Once the desired report is displayed on screen, simply select the export button (E)  at the top of the screen to choose the desired format to export to (excel, PDF, or word). Within seconds, a windows dialog box will pop up asking to open or save the file. Click “save“ to save the report to your PC where it can be edited further.