Template spreadsheet examples shown below. You can have the natural gas and electricity in the same excel document but on different sheets (tabs).

Some columns are optional these include CRC Exclusion type, Supplier, Cost, Currency, & Meter Serial Number marked in green. The others are mandatory.


Natural Gas:


Calorific Value (applies to Natural gas only): A calorific value is the quantity of energy released as heat when a unit of fuel is completely combusted; Net calorific value (NCV)is a lower value which supposes that the products of combustion contain the water of combustion to the vapour state. The heat contained in this water is not recovered. The Gross Calorific Value (GCV) is a higher value which supposes that the water of combustion is entirely condensed. The heat contained in this water is recovered. Your bill will show the calorific value if it is required during activity data input. For the purposes of the CRC input Gross Calorific Value

CRC Exclusion options: Not Applicable , EU-ETS, Climate Change Agreement (CCA), Domestic Accommodation, Transport, Non - heating use, Unconsumed Supply, Electricity generation, Sold, Disaggregated, Self Supply, Electricity Generating Credit, Other , Unassigned Meters, Profile 01-02 Meter, Dynamic Pseudo Meter, Passive Pseudo Meter, Out of Scope.

Meter Reading Type options: Actual, Estimated, Unknown 

Reference Type refers to the document or source from which the piece of data that is being inputted into the system was obtained, it is really for audit purposes. 

Reference Type options include: AMR Meter, Bill, Delivery Receipt, Electricity Bill, Employee Survey, Energy Provider Report, Engineers Log, Equipment Inventory, ERP System, Half Hourly Meter (Uk),

Invoice, Maintenance Log, Meter Reading, Metered Tank, Odometer Reading, Operations Log, Ozone Depletion Log, Production Report, Purchase Order, Purchase Record, Receipt, Service Provider Report, Travel Transaction, Unknown, Unmetered Tank, Utility Provider Report, Weigh Bridge Reading.

Reference refers to is a unique reference number from the document or source from which the piece of data that is being inputted into the system, invoice number, meter no, receipt number or statement no.

Once the sheet is completed, navigate to the Data Management section and select the Multi Site Upload button on the Meter screen. Follow the steps on screen. You will need to do two uploads one for Electricity and one for Natural Gas. When asked for you mapping ID choose the meter number column, this is your mapping ID.