To upload multiple meters and buildings you must prepare the spreadsheet before to ensure a successful upload.  

The excel sheet needs to contain information on the Building you want to assign the meters to/or if you want to create new buildings alongside these meters and the meter information.

Building Information

Parent Org Node: This is the parent node and location/path for the Building/Meter. For example /Brendan's Bistro/UK Sites/Restaurants this means the parent node is Brendan's Bistro with UK Sites underneath and then the Restaurants.

Building Name: Name of Building. 

Industry Sector: Select from the following options Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Commercial, Institutional, Residential, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Site Name: Same as building name.

Address 1: The Building address.

Address 2: The Building address.

City: The city the  Building is in.

Region:The region the  Building is in.

Country: The country the  Building is in.

Zip Code: Post code

Reference ID: A unique reference number for the Building.

Description: Building description for example storage unit.

Meter Information

Name: Meter name for example Electricity Meter one.

Reference ID: A unique reference number for the Meter.

Serial Number: Meter Serial number

Utility Type: Gas/Electricity/Water

Meter Type: Options are Electricity Meter, Electricity - Half Hourly Meter, Electricity Mandatory Half Hourly Meter, Electricity - 5-8 Profile, Electricity - Other Core, Electricity Voluntary Half Hourly Meter, Electricity Dynamic Pseudo HHM,  Electricity Passive Pseudo HHM, Electricity - Light Meter, Electricity - Other Residual, Profile 00, Profile 01, Profile 02 , Profile 03, Profile 04, Profile 05, Profile 06, Profile 07, Profile 08, Electricity HHM (non settled), Unknown.

Unit: Options include kWh, Cubic Metres, Litres, Kilolitres, etc...

UK CRC: Choose from options Yes/No

CRC Exemption Type: Options include Not Applicable, Unconsumed Supply, EU ETS, CCA, Domestic Accommodation, Transport, Self Supply. Unassigned Meters, Sold, Disaggregated, Other, Dynamic Psedometer, Passive Psedometer, Profile 01 – 02, Non Heating use, Electric Generation, Electricity Generated Credit, Size Exempt - Manually Set, Out of Scope etc.

Note:This information must be on one sheet of the excel document. You can choose a default option in the system if you are missing a section for example CRC Exclusion Type default options available in the system.