The CRC exclusions apply to UK only companies who are affected by the CRC Efficiency Scheme.
Exclusions can be applied or removed to a meter data within the CRC reporting period by editing the individual meter data.

Step 1: To search for a meter you wish to add an exclusion to, navigate to the Meter Manager screen by selecting the Data Management menu icon and then the Meter manager tab from the drop down. Once on the Meter Manager screen, use the treeview (A), date period (B), utility type (gas, electricity, water) (C) and search filter (D) to filter the list. Once you see the correct meter click on the meter ID.

 Step 2: On the next screen click Edit (A) beside the data item you wish to add the exclusion to.

Step 3: Next scroll to CRC exclusion type (B) and select an exclusion from the drop down or leave at please select if there is no exclusion. Click Save when finished