You do not need to use folders to manage your documents in the Document Manager instead Document Tags are used.

Document Tags can be used to group and find documents with the same “Tag”. A user can create a Tag, “CRC Evidence Pack 2015” for instance. Any document that is to be part of the evidence pack for 2013 can be given this tag and can be found by searching in the tag search bar with the tag name. Every document can have multiple tags: “CRC Evidence Pack 2015”, “EU ETS Licence” etc...

To add a tag to a document

Select the Manage Tags (A) button at the top of the Document Manager screen, when the next screen appears select the Add new record (B) button and insert the required tag for example Supplier Info/EU Permit, then click insert and close.

To assign a tag to a document, select a document from the table and click Edit Document, tick the tag (A) you wish to assign to the document and click save. You can also change the description (C) and Org node (B) when editing a document.