Radiative Forcing: This is the term used to describe the influence of the non-CO₂ climate change effects of aviation (water vapour, contrails, NOx etc). Including this effect can add an uplift of approximately 90% to the CO₂ emissions due to aviation.

Step 1: Begin by navigating to settings section by selecting the settings menu icon  the top right side of the screen (Item A below).


Step 2: Next select the “Manage Settings” button from the dropdown list (Item B below).

Step 3:  Once the user is on the “Manage Settings” screen, select 'Greenhouse Gas settings' from the menu to the left (Item C below)

Step 4: Click edit (item D). Select or deselect  Radiative Forcing to include or not include the effects of it and click save.

Note: WTT can also be deselected on Scope Selector on the left of the dashboard, activity, facilities/assets and reports screen. This removes the WTT emissions values from charts, reports and activities