Step 1: Click on the Facilities & Assets button in the Settings dropdown. 

Step 2: Once on the Facility and Assets screenclick on the desired facility (C) you wish to delete or click on the facility which contains the building/asset you wish to delete as shown below. Use the tree view (A), and search filter (B) to filter the list.

Step 3: Click on the Edit Facility Details button (A) if you wish to delete a Facility as shown in the figure below and go to step 4. If you wish to delete a Building/Asset, click on the desired Building/Asset and Delete (B), you will then be asked if you wish to permanently delete this building click yes. The building is now deleted. A building can only be deleted if there is no activity data for the building.


Step 4: Click on the delete button to delete this facility permanently. Note: A facility can only be deleted if there are no buildings attached to the facility.




For more information on Facilities, Buildings and Assets, contact Support.