After creating a target (energy or GHG reduction), the user can view charts representing the targets progress by clicking on the Chart button. Once on the Target chart screen, the below charts and table are displayed. The first chart shows the Target deviations – when the Tonnes CO2e is below or above the target. The red columns represent when the tonnes CO2e is higher than the reduction target and the green when it is under the target.  It also states the year on year decrease. Users can view the charts by Year, Quarter or Month by clicking on the options in A.  

The second chart is a Cumulative Deviation chart the primary purpose of this chart is to detect small shifts from the process target.

Underneath the charts is the table displaying the target results. The table shows the target tonnes – what the tonnes CO2e should be to reach the reduction target, the actual CO2e tonnes and the difference between the two totals. To view an emissions trend chart with the target line click on Go to Trend Chart – C.

Trend Chart:

On the Trend Chart screen, users can view the bar graph by Year, Quarter or Month by clicking on the options in A.  To go back click on B.

The Emissions Trend graph shows the current CO2e emissions trend in relation to the target. The red line represents the target and the blue columns represents the actual tonnes CO2e data.

The GHG Emissions Trend report is also a useful report to run to examine the target further.


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