Note: A new version of the Targeting Module will be released in 2023, for which further functionality will be enabled. 

It is important to develop a realistic carbon/energy target that supports your business objectives. The Diligent ESG system allows you to set a target/targets which you can credibly achieve allowing your company to publicly commit to achieving a carbon reduction target each year.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Targeting" section by selecting "Targeting" tab under the Analysis icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2: On the next screen select Add New Target.

Step 3: On the next screen target settings appears. This section allows the user to set a GHG target and Energy target, the user can set this target at building, business entity or company level in the Boundary section of the targeting section. The user can also set the target on an activity type or scope type. For example, set an energy reduction target on electricity or scope 2 only. Set a Co2 reduction target on mobile fuel use for the company or an individual building.

To start fill in the details section first:

  • Choose the target type – Energy or GHG
  • Give the target a name and description.
  • Choose the target type (Percentage Target or an Absolute Value (Tonnes CO2e) and the target value.
  • Choose whether you want the target to increase or decrease
  • Choose whether you want the target to base on the company financial year or calendar year.
  • Users must provide Base Year and Target year; the base year is the year used for comparison for the level of a CO2 reduction and the target year is the year you aim to have a target completed.
  • Lastly the user can normalise the target using a metric – (the metric needs to be already added into the system and have data in the Key Performance metric screen). For example, a floor space metric. This is an optional field.

Once the Details section is filled out, navigate to the Boundary section as shown below.

Select the building, business entity or top company node to assign the target to using the treeview. Select the scope or activity type you wish to use for the target. To apply all tick, Select all.

Step 4: Click Update when the settings are completed. To view the target progress, click on Charts.

Example of a target: 30% reduction in tonnes of CO2e with a base year of 2013 and target year of 2020.

For more information contact Support.