The once off setup of the multi-site upload involves the assignment of a unique identifier to each activity that will receive data from this multi-site up loader. This identifier can be made up by the user, or ideally one can use an MPAN number or and employee badge number or a vehicle registration number and so on.

 Once this is configured, users can freely and quickly upload millions of row of data in an instant across the entire organisation and all jurisdiction specific calculations are done automatically. 


Note: The system will automatically take a Meter number as a Mapping ID, meaning Meter users can skip this step. However check your activity/meter before the upload to ensure the correct the Mapping ID matches the excel column in the excel sheet

Setting up the Multi-Activity Upload

Step 1:  First go to the configuration screen for the activity which you want to upload data into.

Step 2: Next click on the Mapping ID's tab (A) in the Config section. Give each activity a unique ID which maps to the same unique ID in the spreadsheet. This will ensure that any row containing this ID will be loaded in to this activity. This is done by entering the unique ID into the User Defined, Unique Activity ID field (B) and clicking on the right arrow button as shown below. Each activity can have multiple IDs attached to it and any upload which contains these ID's will be uploaded to this activity.


Step 3: Click save. Now any data in any spreadsheet with the unique identifier will be loaded into this activity.

Step 4: Repeat this process for all activities that will be accepting data from the multi-site upload function